Corkboard or Art?

The design (by me) and construction (by Jake Soder) of this project was a bit of an evolution, but ultimately I wanted a large corkboard to cover the wall above my desk for posting notes, ideas and creative inspiration. I have an aversion to whiteboard covered walls and huge corkboards that feel empty, sparse or unfinished. Therefore with this project I aimed to make the board a piece of art in itself. I combined a dark brown organic looking cork with squares of brushed steel (for dry erase and magnets) and added a 1/2 inch white wooden frame…. creating an overall fusion of rustic and modern. I initially planned on one large composition, but then decided to divide it into two smaller ones for flexibility… allowing me to move them to two different walls if desired and to change the composition up regularly by rotating one or both of the boards.

The design:

In progress:

Final boards mounted on the wall: