Reflections of a Decade

As I turned 30 today, I have been reflecting on the summation of my 20s and I decided to create a visualization of it. A decade ago, I celebrated my 20th birthday in Japan… and it was my first time abroad. As I reflect back, it is clear that the most recurring theme the past 10 years has been travel and adventure. I’m excited to discover what the next decade will bring!

Reflections on a Decade :: by Deja Engel

30 Accomplishments for 2012

At the end and beginning of each year I take a bit of time to reflect and set some goals. I usually write the goals down in a journal and never look at it again… therefore this year I decided to do it a bit different. I divided each goal into a specific set of actions.  I then designed them as a poster that I could check off and see the results each step of the way, adding visuals and written details as applicable. I thought of it like one of those activity books for kids where each page is a different activity to complete and sometimes you get to add stickers and such. It makes me want to complete it.