Signs of Americana

While on the road, one of my photographic themes was to collect images of old signage of vintage cafes, diners, motels, and other roadside establishments. I collected about 35 images in total… here are a few of them on display.




Seattle to Austin as an Infographic

Throughout our road trip from Seattle to Austin, I kept fastidious notes and numerical tallies of every place we stopped, ate, slept, drank, got gas, and so much more. Yes, I know I’m a little crazy, but I thought it would be fun to play with the data later. Here is a visualized roundup of some of that data. I left out many of the fine details such as the names of each restaurant, bar, campground, etc. and their exact locations on the map in order to keep it relatively high level.

Handstands to Austin

Jake and I are moving to Austin! It’s a temporary plan for the time being and we are estimating tentatively a year before returning to the Pacific Northwest. Despite all my international travels, I have seen very little of the Western USA. That said, we decided to take a 2 month roadtrip to get to Austin exploring several states, national parks, small towns, antique shops and so much more along the way. I’ve remapped a roughly 2500 mile trip into an over 6000 mile trip! We are thinking of this trip as somewhat of a creative sabbatical of sorts… and we have a few creative projects we will be doing en route. We will also be documenting random aspects of the trip on our blog: